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As this page is being created, the news is full of the stories coming out of Japan. 8.9 earthquake, 33 foot tsunami,  nuclear reactor failure and release of radioactivity. With this in mind, are you prepared for a disaster here in Cobb County, Georgia? We have three levels we want to address on this web  page in response to an emergency.

1. While there is a state of emergency, you are able to stay in your home.  What kind of plans do you need to make to stay in your house. What supplies should you lay in for this type of emergency. What items should be on your check list?

2. The emergency is such that  you must flee your home. In the emergency preparedness community you may find reference to B.O.B or Bug-Out-Bag. The Bug-Out-Bag is a bag that you can quickly grab as you are heading out. It is generally prepacked with a number of survival and preparedness items to enable you to get to your destination safely and establish a recovery plan. Bug-Out-Bags are generally only designed to contain 48-72 hours of food and equipment.

3. The Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge. This is one of the Eagle Twelve.  The procedure for this merit badge is the same as all others.

  • See the Scoutmaster and obtain a blue card for the Merit Badge.

  • Contact the Merit Badge Counselor. Mrs. Donna or Mr. Ellis can tell you who that is.

  • Complete all of the requirements for the merit badge and have it signed off by the councelor.

  • Inform the Scoutmaster and Mr. Ellis that you have completed the merit badge so it can be awarded at the next Court of Honor.

Check back often for updates to this page as we find more links and information on this important subject.



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